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Jackie Krueger We are back from our visit to Montello. I am amazed at how quickly I can adapt to vacation mode. We were very pleased with our accommodations and plan to return to take in more peace and quiet in the future. There was much laughter, a little shopping in the Amish community, and a lot of creativity. Oh and of course, the great food Alla Casey and Jackie! I just want to hurry back and sit on that magnificent deck overlooking the lake. What a treat this journey was!

I began to take an introspective look into the business aspect of creativity. I am by no means computer literate and depend on my son, Cary to help me in that department. I am concerned that I am taking advantage of him and his time. He is very busy trying to make a career change in a more creative field and I fear that my demands will hinder his advancements.  I will continue to ponder this while I view the 2 greeting cards that I have for same on I apologize that my ETSY account looks a bit barren but please know that my goals and enthusiasm do not match this meager display. There will be more to come as soon as Cary has the time or I figure out how to do this myself.

PIles of paperwork to do at work. Headache brewing. I guess I’m back.

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