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Next week at this time I will already have on day of vacation under my belt. That is if I wore a belt. I gave those things up years ago.

Casey and I have many fun projects planned for our trip. We will be making soap. The soap will be white with little colored cubes of glycerin floating in it. Then we will make some peppermint foot rub and a nice exfoliation bath scrub. Sounds like a spa weekend doesn’t it? I had someone ask, “don’t you just want to get away and sit in a chair and have people wait on you?’ Well, I am bringing a book……………..huh. What?  That’s relaxing!  We are also going to try to bind a book. I want my cover to be fabric and this morning before work, I spent over an hour searching for just the right print. AAAAAGH! Decisions. We will also work with clay. I have a vase or two in me for sure and possible some beads? Speaking of beads, those are coming as well. Round out the whole collection with some yarn, crochet hooks, and my watercolor set up and I have the makings of 4 fabulous days in a cozy cabin.

The cabin we rented is in Montello, WI. It’s a real log cabin that was  built in the 1800’s. There is a pier and a deck overlooking the lake. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful?

I’m looking forward to spending time with my favorite person and creating fun things. I can’t forget to mention the food. There will be M&M’s in bowls all over the place and ice cream (which neither of us needs). There will be no Starbuck minis because of an incident I would rather not talk about. We will leave on Wednesday May 4th and return on Mothers’ Day. I will write to you all about all the laughs and creations. Until then……don’t let a day pass without creating something.

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