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April is almost over

I cannot believe that April is about to end? Where does the time go? My theory is that time flies when there is a lot to do. There is also a lot of hurry up and wait time wasted as well.

I have been seeing a new doctor for my “HORRID HANDS” and am actually making progress! Soon, I hope, I will be back to creating. I have many wild and crazy ideas that I need to get out of my system.  I did, however, throw caution to the wind when it came to setting up the “Card Factory with Casey (my sis-in-law/friend) this spring. I just couldn’t resist. The cards that I created will be posted on Etsy as soon as my son gets them posted. I’m very excited and hopeful that someone will like my work.

May 5th is just around the corner and I will be heading north with my best bud for a few days of arts and raft in a cozy little cabin we are renting. There is always relaxation, creativity, laughing, of course eating, and simply fun fun fun! whenever we go. I’m looking forward to working out a few of my jewelry sketches into reality. WooHooo! Vacation is just what I need.

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