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Day 1 of my new challenge

Feeling a little shakey and excited about embarking on this ETSY adventure. I would like to provide a few photos of my work area and will do that as soon as I gather everything together in one place. I confess that I usually plop down on my sofa and bead until bedtime. I have accumulated so much in tools and beads that I really need to move down to my studio and steal a corner as home base. That project begins today so maybe by next week I can post some pictures. Perhaps I will share photos of my entire studio. Would anyone enjoy a glimpse into my chaotic world? Jackie


  Key wrote @

Theres always room for more artists on the web. And what can be more inspiring than a glimpse of another ones studio? Welcome away from the sofa and to the slightly addictive digital realm.

Just change your About-page and site description, and the world will keep on turning just fine. =)

  artofmymindwi wrote @

Key, Thank you for you comments. I’m not sure what you mean by “About page and site description. I’m doing my best but just when i think I have things figured out, I find more to learn. Jackie

  Key wrote @

The About page is the link in the menu next to the “Home”-link up high on your page. It can be edited through your admin page. Login and click “Pages”, then “About” and after that change the text to something about yourself. After that remember to press “Update”.

Your site description (currently Just another site) is accessed through “Settings”->”General” and the second entry in that one.

You probably know all this, but just to clarify what I meant.

  Casey wrote @

You HAVE another corner?..I’m impressed..hurry, hurry…need pictures..xo

  artofmymindwi wrote @

Key, I’m embarrassed to say,I did not know. Thank you for your help. Really.

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