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Back to reality

Jackie Krueger We are back from our visit to Montello. I am amazed at how quickly I can adapt to vacation mode. We were very pleased with our accommodations and plan to return to take in more peace and quiet in the future. There was much laughter, a little shopping in the Amish community, and a lot of creativity. Oh and of course, the great food Alla Casey and Jackie! I just want to hurry back and sit on that magnificent deck overlooking the lake. What a treat this journey was!

I began to take an introspective look into the business aspect of creativity. I am by no means computer literate and depend on my son, Cary to help me in that department. I am concerned that I am taking advantage of him and his time. He is very busy trying to make a career change in a more creative field and I fear that my demands will hinder his advancements.  I will continue to ponder this while I view the 2 greeting cards that I have for same on I apologize that my ETSY account looks a bit barren but please know that my goals and enthusiasm do not match this meager display. There will be more to come as soon as Cary has the time or I figure out how to do this myself.

PIles of paperwork to do at work. Headache brewing. I guess I’m back.


Excited. Elated. Beside myself with joy. These are a few of the feelings that I am experiencing at the moment. You would think I won the lottery or something. Casey and I are off for a 4 night stay in a log cabin here in Wisconsin. As luck would have it, we are getting in early so we will have most of Wednesday to work on our creations. Yes, it’s the semi-annual Casey and Jackie art retreat. Creating, gabbing, giggling, and eating junk food are at the top of our list. I have 5 tote bags packed full of fun waiting at the front door for our Wednesday 8 A.M. departure.

For those few visitors of mine, I want to apologize for my erratic posting. I am trying to get better. There just isn’t always a writeable thought in my head. I’m trying to focus on positive things and I have recently vowed that I will devote “special” time to create so that should increase my blogging as well. I will write after our adventure and hopefully will have some stories to share.


Next week at this time I will already have on day of vacation under my belt. That is if I wore a belt. I gave those things up years ago.

Casey and I have many fun projects planned for our trip. We will be making soap. The soap will be white with little colored cubes of glycerin floating in it. Then we will make some peppermint foot rub and a nice exfoliation bath scrub. Sounds like a spa weekend doesn’t it? I had someone ask, “don’t you just want to get away and sit in a chair and have people wait on you?’ Well, I am bringing a book……………..huh. What?  That’s relaxing!  We are also going to try to bind a book. I want my cover to be fabric and this morning before work, I spent over an hour searching for just the right print. AAAAAGH! Decisions. We will also work with clay. I have a vase or two in me for sure and possible some beads? Speaking of beads, those are coming as well. Round out the whole collection with some yarn, crochet hooks, and my watercolor set up and I have the makings of 4 fabulous days in a cozy cabin.

The cabin we rented is in Montello, WI. It’s a real log cabin that was  built in the 1800’s. There is a pier and a deck overlooking the lake. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful?

I’m looking forward to spending time with my favorite person and creating fun things. I can’t forget to mention the food. There will be M&M’s in bowls all over the place and ice cream (which neither of us needs). There will be no Starbuck minis because of an incident I would rather not talk about. We will leave on Wednesday May 4th and return on Mothers’ Day. I will write to you all about all the laughs and creations. Until then……don’t let a day pass without creating something.

April is almost over

I cannot believe that April is about to end? Where does the time go? My theory is that time flies when there is a lot to do. There is also a lot of hurry up and wait time wasted as well.

I have been seeing a new doctor for my “HORRID HANDS” and am actually making progress! Soon, I hope, I will be back to creating. I have many wild and crazy ideas that I need to get out of my system.  I did, however, throw caution to the wind when it came to setting up the “Card Factory with Casey (my sis-in-law/friend) this spring. I just couldn’t resist. The cards that I created will be posted on Etsy as soon as my son gets them posted. I’m very excited and hopeful that someone will like my work.

May 5th is just around the corner and I will be heading north with my best bud for a few days of arts and raft in a cozy little cabin we are renting. There is always relaxation, creativity, laughing, of course eating, and simply fun fun fun! whenever we go. I’m looking forward to working out a few of my jewelry sketches into reality. WooHooo! Vacation is just what I need.

It’s the middle of November

It has been a few days since I last wrote. Actually, it has been a few weeks. Took me almost that long to remember my password to get in here. How many passwords does a person need? I was told not to use the same password for each and every thing that I sign into as this could cause “the peekers” to get too familiar. Well for crying out loud. I have passwords written on little pieces of paper all over my house and at my office. Thing is, I didn’t want people to know what they were for so I didn’t specify as to which website the passwords were linked. Cripes. It’s time to simplify, simplify, simplify.

I’m still here but I’m not on ETSY selling my designs yet. I feel under pressure to get this going before Christmas. Somewhere in the deep recess of my soul, I know this will not happen. My camera is out on inspection to Kasia, who is a camera genius. She will help clear up my macro use problems I’m sure. I wonder how good she is at getting people off the sofa. Please don’t get too dissappointed in me, I’m really trying to motivate here. Really.

October musings

October came in so mild I thought it was still August. Now  the weather is in the 50’s and 60’s, which is appropriate for October, it has just dawned on me that Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. Yikes!  To coin….where does the time go?

 I’ve been working with Linda on a quilt for our dear little Amy. Amy will be married this Saturday. Suffice to say, she will have to wait for us to finish the project. I managed to get the quilting completed last weekend but there is still the binding, label, and hanging strip to complete. I will try to accomplish that this next weekend.

Had a fun visit to the art store. So many fun things to do! Picked up a stencil and pearl goop. I tried it out and it’s beautiful. I only wish I would have gotten a stencil less holiday-ish. I also got some very very cool stickers of Paris. Anyway, that was a fun outing. Speaking of fun, I had a colonoscopy and mammogram this past week. The reason I am saying this is to remind all of you to keep up with your preventative care. I know the economy is in the dump and insurance, or lack of, is a pain…but do it anyway. The best way to show your family you care is to take care of yourself. There then.

Linda lost her husband over the weekend. I cannot imagine the pain and emptiness she is feeling right now.  My heart goes out to her and her family.

Art Of My Mind

I haven’t been blogging mostly due to the nature of my mood and attitude. Do you ever get that way? A kind of “what’s the use” day leads into a “who cares” day leads into a, well you get my drift. Woke up this morning with a change in mind and spirit. All those feelings above? Where did they go? They’re still there, sadly. But I just decided that they are a HUGE waste of my time. So I decided to get on with “it”.

Since I last posted, I had a vacation. My sis-in-law and I rented a cabin, brought our sewing machines and other craft items and simply had a ball. 4 nights of fun (days too)! I’m very lucky to have someone in my life with which to share my passion to create. Without Casey, I don’t know what I would do. I love you sister.

Now with a nip in the air, my thoughts drift to hunkering in for the winter. Well not really. I still have to go to work 5 days a week. HA! But I still like the idea. Maybe I can figure out how to take good pictures of my jewelry and get it posted on ESTY for heaven sakes. How long am I going to drag my feet here anyway.

Well, it’s nice to be back. Hope all are well. Jackie

Human nature?

While chatting with someone today, a comment, or rather a statement she made, had a profound effect on me. Do you ever get a fluttery sinking feeling that what you thought as secure or concrete is actually made of quicksand? Now I was not really shocked, considering the originate a person of whom this comment was referring. I now find myself having to reassess not only my opinion of the aforementioned person but also the length of our association. Such was the day. Now off to create a jewelry piece.

Thursday state of mind

I wonder why some people refuse to ask for help when they clearly need a little assistance. Do you find yourself saying “Here, let me help you with that.” a lot?  When leaving the hospital last night, there was an elderly gentleman leaving as well. I said  “here, let me get that door for you”  and he tried to whack me with his cane.  When is it alright to assume someone needs help and when is it alright to turn your head and pretend you don’t see anything. So much of what we do on a day-to-day basis is by instinct right? That’s what makes it so difficult to change something about ourselves or kick lovely habits no one else appreciates. So do we bury our heads in the sand? No! I say keep opening the doors, just be ready to duck. Have a happy day!

Creation Status

Just when things are moving along, yes like a snail, but moving forward none the less. Anyway, just when things are moving along a crowbar is thrown into the mix. My body is trying to tell me something and I am just unwilling to listen. I’m hoping to stick it out here at my desk until 4pm. Crawling into bed, taking some aspirin, and grabbing a good book are all I can think about right now. I had planned on beginning to photograph my jewelry but alas, the world will have to wait. Wishing you all strong backs and healthy kidneys!